A staggering Koenigsegg hypercar concept was presented by a 15-years-old designer

12/07/2015 15:30:50
A staggering Koenigsegg hypercar concept was presented by a 15-years-old designer
The evolutionary approach of the Koenigsegg manufacturer was reaffirmed by a 15-years-old designer from Thailand who presented a new Koenigsegg Utagera Concept showing what a Koenigsegg could look like in 20 years or so.

Koenigsegg has always tended to take an evolutionary approach with new models. This time a 15-years-old designer Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa has created the new Koenigsegg Utagera Concept and unveiled it at the Bangkok Motor Expo, showing what a Koenigsegg could look like in 20 years or so.

new hypercar

Like all Koenigseggs, this car features a smooth and curvaceous design that is highlighted by the wraparound windshield. This Koenigegg Utagera Concept gets a tapered front nose, much like the new Regera. The side profile has a hint of the Zenvo ST1 with two style lines which run down towards the front wheel. 

new Koenigsegg

At the back the Utagera features a minimalist rear end with no visible exhaust and minimal air venting. The lights are thin and join a single design line which runs from front to rear. The rear window is small, a tradition among Swedish hypercars. It comes without saying that the public is impressed both by the brand new concept car and by its designer!


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